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Minnesota had Kyle Rudolph as a safety valve and red zone weapon for Keenum.

The majority of McCarron’s passes in the NFL so far came over his three starts at the end of the 2015 season. Over that stretch, the Bengals beat the 49ers and Ravens, each of whom finished 5-11, and lost in overtime to the eventual Super Bowl-champion Broncos.

McCarron completed 54 of his 83 passes (65.1 percent) over that stretch with four touchdowns and no interceptions. That may look impressive and was good enough for a 100.1 passer rating as a starter, but the problem was that the Bengals’ offense slowed to a crawl.

There’s probably still at least one more piece to be added to make life easier for Keenum.

Broncos offensive coordinator Bill Musgrave was able to piece together a division-winning offense in Minnesota with Christian Ponder, but that was with an MVP-caliber season from Adrian Peterson.

(Musgrave then went to the Raiders, where the offense fell apart immediately after he left, so there’s that.) If the Broncos can keep Keenum in situations in which he is facing third-and-manageable and can pick apart zone coverages, he’s going to do just fine.

There’s no worse nightmare for a Super Bowl contender than losing the starting quarterback toward the tail end of the season. That’s why Foles was arguably the biggest addition in retrospect. Foles is a good reminder that even those backup signings that are easy to dismiss could be hugely important down the road.

Foles completed 72.6 percent of his passes in the postseason, averaging over 323 yards per game. He threw three touchdown passes against the top-ranked Vikings’ defense in the NFC Championship, and threw for three more and added a receiving score against the Patriots in his Super Bowl 52 MVP performance.

Smith also chipped in with a few drops, which didn’t help matters.

The Panthers needed wideout help alongside Devin Funchess, but it’s hard to figure that they were really bidding against other teams who wanted to assume Smith’s contact for 2018 and trade an asset in the process.

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I also like to pretend that he’s wearing that white tape on the back of his arms to demoralize opponents.

The 2018 NFL Playoffs are here. The 2017 NFL season blitzed past us faster than anyone could imagine and it really hasn’t settled in just how shocking this particular playoff field is.

There’s a number of good quarterbacks playing over the next few weeks, but only a couple playing this weekend. Only two teams with a top-three seed in either conferences made the playoffs last year, and only four playoff teams — the Patriots, Steelers, Chiefs and Falcons — were also in the playoffs last year. All but one of the NFC teams fighting for the Super Bowl weren’t even in the postseason last year.

Although several reports suggested that Brady had cut his hand open on Rex Burkhead’s helmet, it turns out that’s not actually what happened. The way Brady explains it, he didn’t cut his hand on anything, his thumb just got mangled during a handoff attempt with Burkhead.

We ran into each other and my thumb just got bent back, Brady said. It wasn’t his helmet or anything. Just kind of got bent back. That is why I felt it was a lot worse. The doctors went in and checked it out and we did things just to kind of check on everything and fortunately, there wasn’t any damage that normally comes associated with that. I think we were very lucky.

If that’s not a boss move, I don’t know what else is. Not only is Kamara out here giving NFL defenses nightmares, but he’s passing out candy on the sideline with time still on the clock.

It’s what they see after he’s already zoomed past them, as if he’s telling them to wave the white flag and give up.

I see a watermelon AirHead in there. If you still got it Al, send it to the SB Nation offices.

The Jacksonville Jaguars weren’t supposed to be here. The perennial AFC South bottom-dwellers — and frequent roast recipient on NBC’s The Good Place — were pegged for another middling season despite a leveled-up defense thanks to uneven quarterback play and a decade’s worth of disappointment.sabres_797

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